A Good Sleeping Position of Pregnant Women Need to Know Early

Sleeping position of pregnant women should not be considered trivial matters. Enlarged fetus can make the mother's sleeping position to go awry. What's more, pregnant women also find it difficult to move to change sleeping positions. Poor sleep position in pregnant women can invite various health problems, such as swelling of the feet, muscle aches, snoring, decreased blood pressure, or even increased blood pressure. Good Sleeping Position of Pregnant Women The following is some information about the recommended sleeping position of pregnant women. Avoid the supine position After entering the age of the second trimester of pregnancy, especially after the fifth month, pregnant women are advised not to sleep in a supine position. Pressure on large blood vessels, namely the aorta and inferior vena cava, can increase if the pregnant woman sleeps on her back. This pressure can inhibit blood circulation to the body of the mother, including the fetus. Leaving to the left …
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